Monday, August 9, 2010

New Releases

Safg # 36: Work "give up" "female fronted dirt grunge, a good kick for the true trash rock enthusiast, members of 16 bitch pile up and sister fucker" work is hard" C19(SOLD OUT)

Safg # 43: Ant Parade/ Lazy Magnet "split cassingle Vol.3" Ant parade, soft spoken reverb coated, jazz influenced pop music, her side will bring even the most cold people to a centimental moment of reflection, flip the tape Lazy Magnet will do the exact opposite and make you confused and destroy everything you own. type 2 Cs 6

Safg # 51: Haves&Thirds "if your so depressed how come your eating pizza" Wake up from your shitty dream, the man in the hood ,makes the booty clap in a tasteful way on this one. Type 2 Cs10

Safg # 52: Lazy Magnet "strict nast/escape from music shitty" You never know what to expect from this guy, this tape was written and recorded about and in Nashville. Obama Mart was voted coldest beer in america in 2010.Type 2 Cs 30(SOLD OUT)

Safg # 53: Skeleton Warrior "luvsic" "One of the best bands in the bay" , finally with a full length cassette on safg, sexual electro rock and roll, forget about the "wave" and just buy it. Type 2 Cs 30 (check out their tour dates below)

Safg # 54: Jimmy Schanez and his crystal balls "s/t" - "now that's what I call minimal. Bedroom electronic music from a member of Skeleton Warrior scoring the soundtrack for a psychic slideshow. Future mutant marches, alien transmissions and synthesized environments for utopian dream worlds. Fun for the whole family especially for other mothers. Type 2 Cs 20 with a Screen printed cover

Safg # 55: Craow "life/diet"-Darkness comes before dawn, , ghost resurrected on vocals between interludes of swirling madness waiting to see the light of day again. Type 2 Cs 20 with a Screen Printed cover

pictures will be up soon.

Until safg store is updated. PayPal too all tapes are 6.50 ppd. If you send cash or money order it will be about $1.00 cheaper email first.

Skeleton Warrior Northeast/Midwest tour.

12 - Orlando at uncle lou's w/ craow and gem of skin
13 - Atlanta beep beep gallery with outmode/diamond hymen
14 - Nashville at
little betty's summer fest, w/ laundryroom squelchers, god willing, unicorn hard-on and many more
15 - St. Louis in the Bolo Zone
16 - Iowa help me please
17 - Minneapolis at Medussa
18 - Milwaukee
19 - Chicago help meh please
20 - columbus ohio @ skylab w/ social junk, jam division, and john bennet
21 - somewhere between ohio and syracuse --help
22 - Syracuse
23 - Western Mass.
24 - providence @ christopher's basement
25 - New York @ party expo w/ goblins of war
26 - New York @ port d'or w/ female & supernaturelle
27 - Philly
28 - Baltimore
29 - Carborro, North Carolina at Meadows of Dan with Work/Death, Pharmakon, Cowards, Irene Moon & the Collection of the Late Howell Bend, and Mountains Named For Murderers. Starts at 8.
30 - South Carolina @ erin and Jake's place
31 - Gainesville @ laboratory cafe / justice yeldham and aron zarzutski
1 - Tampa @ the Branch Ranch w/ Haves & Thirds
2 - Sarasota at New College w/ Madame Mercury
3 - Miami @ la cueva w/ love handles, hahahelp!, self & others, others