Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Tapes.

It has been a very long time since this site has been updated for semi-recent release:

Here is what is available:

SAFG 29: MLU/Newflesh split Lp "Chosen Gem/Safe Skin" $13
The New Flesh side is the equivalent of being beat to death by a piece of wood by some one who has had alot of practice in the art of human destruction. MLU arrives with its first commitment to vinyl by breaking a down a wall that leads to a room with no floor. Last "studio" recordings of the 2 man line up.

SAFG 51: Haves and Thirds "If your so depressed how come your eating pizza" $7

The hooded symbol of Florida returns in the dark night riding on a raft made from
quotes of 80's classics on a river of chorus and delay.

C10 Type-II

SAFG 54: Jimmy Sanchez and his crystal balls. "No title" $7

Songs that posses their own unique style of pop performed with a combo of confident vocals, keyboard and Modular synth. (Member of skeleton warrior)

C20 type-II cassette

SAFG 62: Time Ghost "Brownfield Of Bardos" $7

Your land is worthless it is a huge loss. Not thinking clearly in a state of shock you start
moving closer, closer and closer till you find yourself inside a brown half car half suv.
Space synth and epic vocals are the reoccurring dreams of your new life.

C30 Pro dubbed Type-II
Listen up you may learn something

SAFG 64: Cubical "Sex Tape" $7

Skip the books. Tape on tape on tape on tape dubbed on too tape.
Sex on tape? Maybe, but pitched shifted and prerecorded. This is a great release for any fan of the sub sub underground music scene.

C30 Type-II Color Xerox

SAFG 65: Russian Tsarlag "Live at Channel 3" $7

Recored during a very private performance at Channel 3 alot of people didn't see the show . This tape allows you to relive and remember it how you want as many times as you want.

C20 Type-II "lower fidelity than usual"

SAFG 66: Tampa Compilation 7" "Gold Shoulders"$7

Experience a taste of Tampa's humidity and its local entertainment from the likes of
Neon Blud
Russian Tsarlag
Split release with Kinky Noise, Cult Maternal, Cheapo Records Cephia's Treat, SAFG and The Tampa Institute of the arts for sub normal children.

Current Distribution:
CWs" $6

Craow "difference between days" $7

Self reflection during a time that you have somewhere to be and no where to go.
A cocktail of droned synth, dark songs and loops that accept the reality of a the box .
Released by Tampa tape label Corpse without a soul.

C30 Pro Dubbed Type-II

Recently Sold Out:

Here is what is not available:

SAFG 41: Deluxin'/Merchindise "split cassingle vol.1"

SAFG 42: Jeff Zagers/Craow "split cassingle vol.2"

SAFG 43: Ant Parade/Lazy Magnet "split cassingle vol.3"

SAFG 53: Skeleton Warrior "Luvsic"

SAFG 55: Craow "life/diet"

SAFG 61: Father Finger/Craow split lathe "Low Ceiling"(split release with Cephia's Treat)

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