Wednesday, March 12, 2008

NEWS 3/12/08

This will be the new S.A.F.G. Page until its not. 
Last year ended slow, not the  case so far in 08. Heres what is in store for the next few months starting out with upcoming releases.

S.A.F.G.# 15 Parts and Pieces Of past Ticiples/ Then and Than "split 7". (Being Press)
S.A.F.G. # 16 Uh Oh Spades "wreck" tape ( Out Now)
S.A.F.G. # 17 My [left] Uterus "witty title Tba" tape (Out This Week)
Also Available 

S.A.F.G. #007 Uh oh Spades "S/t" cdr (1 left) $3
S.A.F.G. # 011 Parts and Pieces of Past Ticiples "sounds that sounded like sounds that were sounding like" cdr (very few left) $3 also each one is 1 of a kind, as far as packaging goes.
S.A.F.G. # 014 Andros Rex/My [left] Uterus "bumping uglies" split tape $3
Uh oh Spades "wheres the youth?" 3" cdr (self released)

Things we are sold out on

S.A.F.G.#001 Joy Of electrolysis Tape
S.A.F.G# 002 War as we know it "the month of december" cdr
S.A.F.G.# 003 Wheres the beef. cdr menmbers only release
S.A.F.G.# 004 War as We Know It/Im a dead cat "split" cdr
S.A.F.G.# 005  The_Shbl/Document/we walk with giants / split 3'' cdr
S.A.F.G.# 006 The Windshield Death Threat Procedure" the living and the dead" cdr
S.A.F.G.# 008 Uh Oh Spades "rawr" cdr
S.A.F.G.#009 My [left] uterus "monster e.p." cdr
S.A.F.G.# 010 Stay away from ghosts "blood" comp Vol.1 Tape.
S.A.F.G.# 012 Pathlogical Polymer "s/t" cdr
S.A.F.G# 013 Attack of the Chiggers "fuck the po-leez Cdr

If its out of print don't give up hope on getting it, depending what it is i burn you a copy on cd or email you the mp3s if you would like.

To order email 

Shows Saturday:

Flyer by Uh Oh Spades and BlackCrow.

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