Friday, May 1, 2009

may 2009 (ca$hville, tour, new releases...)

1) We have relocated from Florida to the depths of West Nashville where tornados have been legalized and prance uninhibited across Smokey Mountain's majesty.

2) SAFG, shows, practices, recording, living, etc. are being conducted out of the Green Womb...

'there are lots of doors which allows people to enter the house from different heights and directions'

'only recently has all of this flourished, which has allowed us to ignore the dumped trash behind our fence'

'sean's Prince worship zone'

'earlier this week j. harrington/uh oh spades fell into a ditch while digging for diamonds in Tampa and woke up in front of our house, so we built him a fort'

3) MLU & Ruined 'boycation' TOUR

10th – Chicago @ tba w/ tiny music & more
11th – Columbus @ skylab w/ rage against the cage & biff boff barf
13th – Hudson, NY @ bard college w/ ruined, parts and pieces of past ticiples
14th – Allentown @ muscle beach 2 w/ ruined, pedestrian deposit, earn, work/death
15th – Providence @ tba w/ ruined, swamp tease, time ghost & more
16th – Philly @ big rock candy mountain w/ ruined
17th - Baltimore @ america w/ loveable scumbags door & james
18th – Richmond @ tba


Quite a few split tapes coming out over the course of the next few weeks:

SAFG?? - Craow/Alien Overmind "ladies night out" CS33

On a brisk evening in Orlando, FL nipples perked as these two young men clad in ill-fitting dresses and makeup sucessfully stimulated their erogenous zones. the idea was born and the tape is out.

COMING SOON: Faster Detail/Outmode CS30 + Lazy Magnet/MLU "bond by circumstance" CS30

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